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Using Instagram automation, you can take your account to new heights in no time. 

Wondering what's the best way to grow your Instagram?

Anyone who is serious about their Instagram growth game knows that it’s hard work. Growing your followers is no easy task as you must continuously interact and put in a ton of manual work in order to see some decent results. 

You can of course buy fake followers, but we all know that is no good. Fake followers have no value at all and may even hurt your Instagram account at times. 

Another option is to regularly post unique & engaging content, but even accounts with awesome content don’t get the chance to be discovered most of the times, which can be pretty frustrating!

Automate your Instagram growth

In order to get more followers on Instagram, you’d have to constantly follow your target audience, comment on their posts, and like their content. This can be very time consuming & tiring. 

Vivogram Instagram automation takes care of all that for you. It will work around the clock to interact with your target audience. Auto-follow, Auto-like, & Auto-comment will be doing the work to bring attention to your Instagram account.

Get more Instagram followers

Once someone sees that they have a new follower or a new comment, they would be curious to see who it is, and if they like your content they would become an engaged follower. 

This process makes sure that you’re only getting followed by people who are genuinely engaged and interested in your content. This is the best way to ultimately get sales, and grow presence to your brand. 

A few tips to maximize your Instagram growth

Instagram automation can go a long way to help grow your account, but if your profile has no interesting content, or you’re reaching the wrong audience, you still won’t see much growth happening. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Post regular, good quality content
  • Know your audience and target them
  • Schedule your automation to be active during peak times

Instagram Auto Follow

One of the fastest ways to get more Instagram followers is to follow your target audience. They would see that they have a new follower & check out your Instagram account, if they like your content & would like to see more, they would simply follow you back. 

Instagram Auto Comment

Auto comment has to be one of our favorite ways to grow any Instagram account. Simply add your comments (as many as you want), and it will send these comments automatically to the profiles you targeted. This is one of the best ways to get more attention to your Instagram profile. 

Instagram Auto Like

Automatically like the content of your target audience which will help bring even more attention to your Instagram profile and show your audience that you’re engaged and interactive. 

Instagram Auto DM

Send an Auto DM to your current followers, or new followers, introducing them to your profile. This is a great way to build an initial connection and increase engagement.

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